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How I feel about the rating and review system

2008-05-27 15:24:45 by Darthfett

Review, and post the score with how you feel, only if you listened to the song the whole way through. Nothing bad will happen. However, you should follow some rules when you write a review.

1. Reviewing a song
Reviews should be useful. They can be constructive criticism, recommendations, breakdowns of the song, or an explanation for why you felt the way you did about the song. When you write a review, make it useful.

Reviews that simply say you did not like the song, or that you loved the song without explanations, are USELESS reviews. No one is going to get anything out of your personal opinion if you do not explain why you liked or disliked the song. EXPLAIN, and your review is useful. Not all lower rating reviews are useless reviews. If they at least explain why they did not like the song, and it is a viable reason, then vote it USEFUL.

2. Voting on a Song
A 5 means that you loved the song, and you are going to download it. The only exceptions would be loops. A loop is made for flash games/music, so it's not really made for downloading.
A 4 means that you really liked the song. It's probably going to get downloaded, but you don't HAVE to.
A 3 means that the song was good, even if it needs work. Or, it may have been well done, just not a great tune, or something didn't work right, that was significant to the song.
A 2 means that the song was not very good, but wasn't bad. It just didn't stick in your head, and there were quite a few parts in the song that weren't very good.
A 1 means the song was terrible. It definitely should not have been released to the public.
A 0 means that the song is not music. It is a horrible, crappy piece of audio.

When voting, do not take into account that the user is new. Just because a person is new, does not mean that the song should be one of the all-time bests, and does not deserve a much higher score. If it's bad music, it's bad.

However, if a song is down in the 0-3.5 zone, and you think it deserves a 4-5, vote it up to 5. It deserves some more recognition, so make sure it gets some. Not only will it raise the composer's spirits, but it may create another great music artist out there.


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2008-05-27 15:26:17

Nowadays nobody knows that there are scores between the highest and lowest

Darthfett responds:

Yep, that's why I wrote this. I'm tried of seeing nothing happen to those who fall below the 4.48 line, and seeing anything that happens to arrive above that line get 0-bombed, and never seen again.

I'm considering moving on to another site that is more music oriented. The rating system is flawed, and I want to connect with more people who have the same love of music that I have.


2008-05-27 17:14:03

1) Sorry, but no one really cares about the Audio Portal
2) While I congratulate your songs being at least a 4.3 or above, it appears only 8 people have voted on them, which isn't a true recognition of its quality. No offense.
3) While I agree with your rant, most people think that your just bitching about your on crappy work. Props on being better than those shittty 12 year olds who submit B (the SC animation) quality movies and bitch about the rating system.

Darthfett responds:

1) That must be why we have so much high quality music on here.
2) Mostly voting by me, yes, I know. I try for reviews, I like having my music critiqued. It's the ONLY way I can get more reviews for my music. I wrote this because the system is flawed, and I have to vote on my songs to get any reviews because the system is flawed. 0-bombers should be forced to write a review, so that people who are 0-voting for no reason have to explain themselves, and that way the terrible votes can be removed, and you have a more accurate system.


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